Willa Pod Kasztanem
Kopydło 103, 43-460 Wisła
tel. +48.33 855 16 50
tel. +48 668 162 476
e-mail: kontakt@podkasztanem.info

Willa Pod Kasztanem


Villa "Under the Chestnut Tree" is located in a picturesque valley Kopydło. Near the center of the Vistula.

From the windows of our rooms have a beautiful view of the Beskid Slaski. From us you can embark on numerous hiking trails which lead up Barania, pass Beskid and the cone. In winter it is a great place for winter sports. A short walk away from Villa lift is -Pasieki, Siglany and Stożeki (snowed and illuminated) and the cable car - Cone. When there is a river - Kopydło and historic church. And also restaurants "Olimpia" and "with Karol", where you can taste the local cuisine.

We provide accommodation in rooms 2 and 3 personal with bathrooms and TV and apartments for 4 and 5 people. Each room has a bathroom, TV, kettle and basic tableware (cutlery, cups, plates). The apartments are the things listed above and a refrigerator and a fireplace.

Additional offer:

-living Room with fireplace (football, TV).

-Salę Conference.

- Dining Room.

- Internet Wi-Fi.

- Transport from the bus station.

- Garden (grill, fireplace, playground).

- Free parking.

Willa Pod Kasztanem Willa Pod Kasztanem

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